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Cowslip Plant and Flower - Primula veris

cowslip flower - american cowslip - cowslip plant
cowslip flower - american cowslip - cowslip plant

Cowslip Plant and Flower - Primula veris

Cowslip will: Discourage visitors, Help you find hidden treasures, Heal your mind, body, and spirit

 the plant: 

Cowslip is a low-growing plant
that appears very early in the spring. The leaves
are broad and look like an elongated oval. The
bright yellow flowers wave gracefully from a tall
stalk that comes up from the middle of the plant.
The plant is very fresh smelling and the flowers
are very fragrant. It is native throughout much of
Europe, Asia, and North America.

How to harness cowslip’s magical properties: 

A bouquet of the flowers will fill
your home with a sense of peace and well-being.
     To discourage visitors, put the dried herb under
your front door.
     Bathing in Cowslip tea is said to restore lost
youth. To make the tea, immerse two tablespoons
of the dried flowers in a warm cup of water for a
half hour. Then add the tea to your bathwater.
     Keeping the herb near you will help you find
lost objects and hidden treasure and will remind
you of all the gifts in your life.

 Medicinal uses: The flowers are used in
making a fermented liquor called Cowslip Wine.
It is made from the yellow flower rings, which are
called peeps. To a gallon of peeps, you add four
pounds of sugar, the rind of three lemons, and a
gallon of water. Add a cup of brewer’s yeast and
stir every day for a week. Then put the mixture
into a barrel to ferment. When it has finished
fermenting, bottle it. The wine will be pale yellow
and perfectly clear and is very useful as a tonic and
to quiet coughs.

Helps you find the hidden treasures in your life
Primula veris

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